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Broad Brook Research is a comprehensive research firm of Ph.D. professionals who deliver world-class research, analysis, and writing for venture capitalists, business executives, entrepreneurs, and non-profit professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom. We consult in various areas, including biotechnology, venture capital, health care, law, political communications, higher education, and philanthropy.


REsearch, Writing, & Analysis


Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry research

With hundreds of billions of dollars in research and development at stake in the pharmaceutical industry, business leaders need to know the drivers of innovation for future blockbuster drugs. We have helped a leading biotechnology entrepreneur and venture capitalist to analyze the discovery and development of hundreds of therapeutic drugs to determine the best investment strategies for future research. The results were published in the prestigious Nature Biotechnology journal and presented at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Biotechnology marketing consulting

With over 1,000 qualified, name contacts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, we have consulted to several biotechnology companies in the United States and Britain on how best to market their therapeutic assets.

Health care data analysis

Amidst rancorous national debates on the future of health care, a non-profit providing free care to the uninsured working poor sought to expand their network of clinics in the United States, and asked us to recommend a geographical strategy. We unearthed proprietary data on the locations of retired physicians, analyzed it alongside U.S. Census data on the uninsured, and identified counties where retired doctors could meet a significant portion of unmet health care needs. Our final in-depth report was also sent to a state governor who is interested in growing the clinic network.

Legal and academic research

We have helped clients navigate academic research to locate the most relevant facts and expert opinions for their research and presentations on a range of issues, including seventeenth-century English law, eighteenth-century American history, nineteenth-century Supreme Court history, twentieth-century health care and technology ethics, and twenty-first century government funding allocations. Our research has also been published in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law and several books.

Writing and editing

We provide meticulous editing of books, scholarly articles, white papers, grant proposals, websites, newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, pamphlets, and other media. We also offer effective messaging and original research services for all of our published projects, which have appeared in major social science journals, trade publications, and popular outlets.

Higher education consulting

Searching for solutions to a burgeoning budget crisis, the board of trustees of an American liberal arts college came to us for ideas to increase tuition revenue. We found that the college’s future applicant pool would decline due to diminishing high school graduation rates, and advised the college to expand its applicant base. We recommended greater international student enrollment, provided a cost structure for various recruitment techniques, and presented additional considerations on the economic, political, and cultural implications of this strategy. The college agreed with our conclusion and hired an admissions counselor specializing in the recruitment and retention of international students.

Public opinion and trends analysis

In debates over constitutional interpretation, academics rarely question public opinion on how justices should adjudicate constitutional cases. We have analyzed relevant trends in a commissioned nation-wide survey on constitutional law, whose original findings were published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.


Research Consultants

The Team


Michael Breidenbach, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Dr. Michael Breidenbach is an international research consultant with a decade of experience in business, academia, government, and non-profits. He is President and Founder of Broad Brook Research and Partner and Co-Founder of Calusa Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Naples. He has conducted research for biotechnology companies, venture capitalists, non-profits, and philanthropists, and his findings have appeared in Nature Biotechnology and Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, among other publications. He has taught at the University of Cambridge and Princeton University, and has published in The Atlantic, Washington Post, First Things, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Northwestern University, earned a master’s degree with distinction and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, and has held research appointments at Oxford, Cambridge, and Princeton.


Janice Tzuling Chik, Ph.D.

Vice President

Dr. Janice Chik holds an A.B. from Princeton University in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, an M.A. from the University of Texas, and a Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews. She has worked at Princeton University at the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship in the Office of the Dean of the College, was a marketing consultant for Dell, an editor for several international research projects and publications, and served as a board of trustees member and representative for various think tanks and non-profits. She has held visiting scholar appointments at the University of Oxford and is a research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Chik also holds a degree in Musical Performance from Princeton.


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